Measure your business success and visualize it in Data Studio 📈

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The problem

For some use cases, it’s important to monitor the change of a specific variable over a period of time. A common example would be to monitor revenue month-over-month to understand the growth of a business and measure the impact of, for example, special marketing efforts, a limited time offer, giveaways, changes in pricing, etc…

  • Stock price
  • Revenue/Transactions
  • Users/Active or Churn Users

From experience, it’s not easy to find a good and easy method in SQL. Lots of them are using exhaustive grouping and joining clauses…

The simple way, avoiding schema errors, data types issues, and chronic headaches 🤯

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The problem

You may have tried to load a relational database like MySQL or PostgreSQL into a columnar database system like BigQuery, and even if it’s a standard and widely adopted format, the process is not obvious.

Error while reading data, error message: CSV table encountered too many errors, giving up. Rows: x; errors: 1. Please look into the errors[] collection for more details.


CSV table references column position x, but line starting at position:0 contains only x columns. (error code: invalid)

Or again…

Error detected while parsing row starting at position: x. …

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